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A planning process is an opportunity to create a blueprint for putting a community’s best ideas into action. RDA specializes in guiding planning processes rooted in a deep understanding of existing systems, goals, and desired outcomes. We strongly believe that the strategic planning process can be just as important as the resulting plan because it provides an opportunity to involve stakeholders at every step of the process, in order to build buy-in, develop commitment to a common vision, and identify a shared set of next steps. Establishing this type of cooperation and transparency early on makes for a more inclusive process and ultimately results in a strategic plan that best meets the needs of the client, their partners, and the community they serve.

In order to ensure the success of a planning process, it is important to understand and build upon existing assets and resources. This often involves conducting an assessment of the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and the external environment’s opportunities and threats. However, just as important as identifying the organizational needs is to understand their readiness for change.

After gathering data to understand an organization its target population, we facilitate work sessions – either internally or with stakeholders – to develop strategies to address the identified needs and gaps. We leverage best practices in the relevant field, consider the feasibility of each strategy, and work with stakeholders to develop realistic and achievable action plans to execute the strategies selected. Because a planning process is an investment that can be resource intensive, we work with our clients to build on their strengths and develop actionable plans that can be successfully implemented and evaluated.

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