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Organizational Development

Organizational development provides an opportunity for transformation, both within organizations and across the broader systems in which they operate. Internally, focusing on organizational culture can increase employee engagement by helping establish clear expectations, illustrating the importance of the work, providing the resources necessary to do the job, and building trust in supervisors and managers. At the systems level, organizational development can help build capacity to engage in collaborative partnerships with other agencies and community-based organizations by streamlining practices and strengthening infrastructure.

We design our organizational development services using tools that help our clients have a greater understanding of their internal systems and how they can increase their impact in the lives of the people they serve. We work in partnership with leadership and other key stakeholders to increase engagement and cultivate buy-in around a shared vision. We also help our clients capitalize on their strengths for sustained improvement and growth. Understanding that organizational change can lead to uncertainty, our change management services help our clients approach planned change as a team effort so that they are prepared to address any internal and external challenges that may arise.

We typically begin with an organizational assessment that informs a customized plan to meet each client’s unique needs. Through this process, we examine our clients’ day-to-day operations by looking at organizational culture, history, goals, resources, and connections to other organizations. We then develop strategies that enable our clients to undertake new objectives and ease any transitions. We also create performance measurement tools and quality improvement mechanisms to provide ongoing feedback on the success of new initiatives. For example, we routinely use systems mapping and analysis to help build efficiency by ensuring that all employees and team members operate from the same understanding of how things work.

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