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Evaluations allow organizations to energize their work and meet their intended objectives by gaining an understanding of accomplishments and areas for improvement. Through real-time data about outcomes and impact, organizations can use evaluation as a tool to ensure their programs continue to meet their intended objectives. The results of an evaluation can also provide concrete data to guide future efforts.

At RDA, we specialize in mixed-methods evaluation that recognizes the unique features of every organization. We do not fit our evaluation efforts into a single framework and instead seek input from stakeholders to tailor our evaluation approach to meet specific needs. We work to ensure all data and results are accessible and that the end product can be easily understood by all stakeholders. We also have a strong understanding of emerging best practices to build a basis to evaluate our clients’ most innovative programs.

We work carefully to ensure that our evaluations are culturally responsive, accountable to stakeholders, and useful for decision-making. Where possible, we use a range of participatory approaches to include all stakeholders in the evaluation process. Whether it is as a partnership, a steering committee, or an advisory body, the intent is to foster a relationship where researchers work side by side with the people with real-life experience to define the questions and methods, implement the research, disseminate the findings, and apply them. This process offers a protective element for communities who may have been stigmatized and/or harmed historically and encourages trust between researchers and community members. It also helps us incorporate local knowledge into the evaluation and strengthen the capacity of communities to effect change.

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