Resource Development Associates

COVID-19 Support


We are prepared to help as you address the dramatic shift in priorities and resources resulting from COVID-19.

To ensure that you can continue to deliver vital public services and coordinate effectively to meet emerging needs, we offer a set of tailored services to support your COVID-19 response efforts. We understand that public agencies are under incredible pressure to quickly ramp up and deploy comprehensive COVID-19 response strategies, in addition to continuing to provide core services that so many rely on. We also appreciate the unique challenges that particular populations present, including those receiving ongoing vital services, those who are unhoused, and those in community or in-custody supervision. Our expert consultants offer decades of experience helping public agencies and service providers apply proven and cutting-edge frameworks to pivot to emerging needs.

We understand the importance of differentiated response based on community needs and will adapt our services accordingly. Below are examples of services that RDA is well-positioned to provide:

Leveraging Assets

  • Resource mapping of available community providers, volunteers, supplies, etc.
  • MOU and Policy & Procedure adjustments to reflect emerging partnerships and services
  • Grant research and writing to identify opportunities and develop applications
  • Cross-sector fundraising and donor collaboration efforts to document evolving needs; identify existing government, philanthropic, and private funders; and match needs to that funding

Planning and Implementation Support

  • Policy analysis to identify emerging opportunities and mandates, and how to respond
  • Data analysis to identify at-risk populations and community trends to support decision-making
  • Tool development to support multi-system coordination in service delivery and data sharing
  • RFP development to support procurement needs
  • Planning for remote service delivery
  • Meeting facilitation for remote convenings, and administrative/logistical support for multi-sector efforts including local and regional task forces, work groups, and collaboratives
  • Communications support to collect, triage, and answer community questions across service systems, and to distribute resources

Leadership Development

  • Leadership training and coaching that empowers managers to pivot to crisis response and lead teams remotely


We understand you have a lot on your plate right now. If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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