Resource Development Associates

Ardavan Davaran, Ph.D.

Senior Program Associate

Ardavan is a trained sociologist with a background in criminology and criminal justice policy research, as well as expertise in advanced research methods, design, and quantitative data analysis techniques. At RDA, Ardavan contributes to the management of justice system projects as well as data collection and analysis, research, evaluation planning, and report writing for a variety of projects working with justice systems and behavioral health.

The unifying theme of Ardavan’s research prior to joining RDA centered on identifying the ways in which social institutions, and the organizations that comprise them, reproduce and exacerbate race, class, and gender-based inequalities within the United States. Ardavan worked on a federally funded NIH/NIAAA grant that explored the effectiveness of 0.08% BAC legislation as a tool to reduce drunk driving fatality rates across states. More recently, Ardavan shifted his focus to examine how police organizational arrangements and practices systematically produce uneven drug law enforcement across space and by race among a nationally representative sample of municipal police agencies in the year 2000.


  • B.A. in Sociology – University of California, Santa Barbara
  • M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology – Washington State University

Select Projects

  • AB 109 Evaluation (Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Santa Cruz County, Sonoma County)
  • Assisted Outpatient Treatment Evaluation (Contra Costa County, Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, Orange County, Ventura County)
  • Contra Costa County Racial Justice Task Force Facilitation and Data Analysis
  • Los Angeles Probation Governance Model Assessment
  • Oakland Measure Y Violence Prevention Program Evaluation