RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We have learned that including people with lived experience – consumers, family members, youth, people who have been incarcerated- always results in better outcomes.”

Jennifer Susskind, MCP
Senior Project Manager



Bringing Stakeholders Together

Planning provides an opportunity for groups of people to come together and create a roadmap to actualize their best ideas for serving their constituencies. RDA specializes in providing a framework for comprehensive planning and implementation based on ground floor analysis and assessment of a system’s current methods of operation and the outcomes of services provided.  We integrate detailed quantitative and qualitative data analysis into human service program planning and community development along with information regarding best practices in the field or discipline. 

RDA approaches assessment and planning processes by working in partnership with the contracting agency and key partners, including service providers, community members, and consumers of services.  One of RDA’s primary goals is to facilitate the development and implementation of culturally competent, comprehensive approaches to service delivery that are accountable to the community and that involve consumers at all levels of service delivery, management, evaluation, and quality assurance. 

Stakeholders bring their own experience and assumptions into any planning process.  We provide the opportunity for stakeholders to test their assumptions about what the actual needs are and expand their view of what’s needed beyond anecdotal evidence.  We have learned that data-driven planning processes promote group cohesiveness and a shared understanding from which to move forward.