RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We have learned that including people with lived experience – consumers, family members, youth, people who have been incarcerated- always results in better outcomes.”

Jennifer Susskind, MCP
Senior Project Manager


Organizational Development (OD)

A Systematic Approach to Organizational Change

RDA utilizes organizational development as a framework for promoting organizational learning and change.  Our purpose in providing all forms of OD services is to help organizations systematically learn to develop and improve their performance. Central to this effort is developing systems that encourage stakeholder engagement. Stakeholder groups can include management, direct service staff, and consumers of services.  By conducting a systems analysis, we seek to understand all of the intentional and unintentional forces that create barriers to creating and maintaining high functioning organizations that are able to accomplish their missions and live their expressed values.   

Leadership development is a pivotal component in RDA’s organizational development projects.  We believe organizations that understand and foster environments of shared leadership and work to cultivate leadership qualities throughout are best equipped to address the complexity that the 21st century affords us.  Our experience tells us that inspiring and promoting shared leadership combats apathy and provides a foundation for true organizational transformation.

Our work is informed by Kurt Lewin’s Action Research Model that balances collaboration and data-informed decisions.  Action research is an interactive inquiry process that combines collaborative problem solving with data-driven reflection to understand the underlying factors that enable personal and organizational change.  It is founded on the principle that motivation and action are inter-related and that if people are active in the decisions that affect them, they are more likely to adapt in a changing environment.  To this end, we strive to involve stakeholders at all levels to work in partnership towards organizational growth.

Some of the OD services that RDA provides include:

  • Change management
  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • 360 degree performance appraisals
  • Systems mapping and analysis
  • Non-Profit Board Development