RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We have learned that including people with lived experience – consumers, family members, youth, people who have been incarcerated- always results in better outcomes.”

Jennifer Susskind, MCP
Senior Project Manager


Needs Assessment

Promoting a Shared Understanding of Community Needs

RDA is committed to championing the cause of disadvantaged populations through in depth research and the piloting of systemic change with innovative and proven methodologies. Federal, state, and local governments and community based organizations alike have relied on the expertise of RDA to assist with identification of programmatic and organizational gaps in their efforts to improve the conditions surrounding these issues.

Community needs assessment informs stakeholders and key decision-makers about where to direct attention and resources.  Needs assessment also supports decision-makers when a new problem emerges and helps to inform how to effectively respond. RDA is proud of our capacity to work closely with stakeholders to identify what is unique about their communities and needs and then tailor our research and planning process accordingly.

RDA’s work has provided quantitative and qualitative analysis on needs/gaps/challenges, and assets in many communities. We have earned a reputation for successfully designing coordinated systems for needs assessment that proactively incorporate comprehensive research and inclusionary research methodologies.