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“We have learned that including people with lived experience – consumers, family members, youth, people who have been incarcerated- always results in better outcomes.”

Jennifer Susskind, MCP
Senior Project Manager


MIS Systems

Building the Tools for Data-Driven Decisions

Organizations engaged in continuous program improvement must collect and analyze data in order to: 

  • Ensure informed decision making regarding resource allocation
  • Understand program impact on clients
  • Communicate their effectiveness to funders and the greater community

SARANET: When RDA began Oakland’s community policing evaluation, we recognized that there was no existing method for systematic data collection.  In response to this common evaluation problem, RDA worked with the City of Oakland and Oakland Police Department leadership to build a web-based data system that Problem Solving Officers could access in the field.  This electronic data collection system is modeled on the evidence-based practice method of community policing problem solving, known as SARA (Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment). RDA’s SARANET software provides structure to encourage the implementation of the evidence-based practice for officers in the field, the information for supervisors to monitor community policing activities, and the data necessary for team evaluation of the community policing effort.

Afterschool Web:  Afterschool Web is an all-in-one attendance tool that is optimized for use in out-of-school-time programs.  It is a secure and powerful web-based system that keeps track of individual student schedules and attendance with a minimum of data entry. Built-in forms and reports simplify both day-to-day management and periodic reporting to stakeholders. With over one hundred system users in Contra Costa County, Afterschool Web has proven indispensable for a smooth start-up each fall and for informed collaborative oversight throughout the year.  With Afterschool Web, tracking student attendance is easy and flexible, conforming to the unique configuration of any afterschool program.  Afterschool Web meets reporting requirements for 21st Century Learning Center grantees and is more affordable than other available options.

Afterschool Web Support Policy

Babies First: On behalf of the Fresno Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Agency, RDA designed a standardized reporting system through Microsoft Access. We found that staff were devoting significant amounts of time to gathering data for reporting and evaluation, and built a database to automate the reporting process.   The Standardized Report Builder generates summary and detailed reports about clients and their babies on selected topics. The results can be filtered to a specific time period, program, race, ethnicity, and/or age.  The Report Builder also supports the Kotelchuck Index and measures the adequacy of prenatal care, based on when prenatal care began and the number of prenatal visits from when care began until delivery.