Resource Development Associates

Training & Technical Assistance

Implementing plans and embracing best practices are ambitious endeavors, and challenges can arise along the way. RDA provides training and technical assistance to government agencies and nonprofit organizations across our areas of expertise. Taking into consideration the unique strengths of each organization, we tailor these services to build our clients’ capacity to overcome challenges as they work toward continuous improvement and growth.


We offer a wide range of training services including classroom training, professional practice, group learning, and one-on-one coaching. Rooted in our understanding of public systems and the latest trends and best practices, we assess what each client needs and customize our training accordingly. We also specialize in facilitating train-the-trainer efforts, where we bring stakeholders together, tap into their shared expertise, and form their own learning collaborative. After conducting one training to set the stage, we then help attendees learn the material well enough to train their colleagues.

Technical Assistance

RDA also provides technical assistance for our clients. We help our clients with plan implementation to make sure their work gets off the ground as intended. In order to fully understand our clients’ needs and target our assistance, we conduct brief research to see if the problem is unique to them or if it has occurred elsewhere. We also help them develop an understanding of the implications of external rules, regulations, legislation, and policies that might impact their initiatives. We compile a list of options and best practices that inform any assistance we provide. We also often work on tasks to help build organizational capacity. These solutions may include the development of protocols and procedures, management tools, and performance tracking logs.

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