Resource Development Associates

Grant Writing

Grant writing is an exciting opportunity for public agencies and nonprofit organizations to bring in the funds needed to strengthen existing programs or implement new ideas. RDA has a structured approach to grant writing that cultivates our clients’ innovative ideas and matches them to the appropriate federal, state, or private funding opportunities. Working across a range of service areas, we help our clients identify funding strategies that target specific community and organizational needs, and develop competitive grant applications to meet them. Engaging collaboratively with relevant stakeholders, we leverage the resources already in place and incorporate data to create the strongest possible applications.

Because of our extensive program development and evaluation experience, we bring unique expertise to ensure that proposed projects are tied to clear organizational and population needs. Our work in other program areas also enhances our familiarity with evidence-based strategies in a variety of human and social service fields. Over the past 20 years, we have helped government agencies and nonprofits obtain over $400 million to create programs and transform systems that have tremendous impacts on the communities they serve.

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