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patricia-bennettBy Patricia Marrone Bennett

Last year, I posted a blog about entitled New Leadership in the Public Sector and the unique challenges facing public sector leaders, including:

  • Increasing rates of retirement and the challenges and opportunities this creates
  • Fast paced, major changes in state and federal policy and funding
  • An emerging generation of new public sector leaders

In this blog, I asked the question: “What constitutes positive leadership in government organizations in the 21st Century?”  To answer this question, RDA recently launched a research study to identify and understand the unique qualities of public sector leaders and how their approaches and competencies enable them to meet the growing demands placed on them in the 21st Century.

Why are we doing this?  We believe that leadership is a critical ingredient to successfully managing organizational change efforts.  It is our hope that this study will provide some useful information that we can and will share. If you have suggestions of public sector leaders who are role models for successfully managing change, please drop me an email at, and please stay tuned for more information about what we learn!

One Response to Public Sector Leadership

  1. This is a message I have thought about. I am vey glad that you are going to put your energies into this. The young adults are so better grounded than the political establishment, but how can we transition power to them and make changes in our country’s philosophy without corrupting them in the process.
    Best wishes,

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