RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We continuously collect and examine data to inform program design because we believe that it is necessary to keep services and supports relevant and effective.”

Nishi Moonka, M.Ed.
Managing Director


Leadership & Succession Development

A Strengths-Based Approach

At RDA, we believe in shared leadership, and focus our efforts not only on individuals but also on developing the capacity of board members and managers at all levels.  The communities in which we work are facing complex problems, and shared leadership allows organizations to utilize a variety of different strengths present in their staff. 

When we join with organizations in this way, we assess the current leadership styles and practices.  We use a blend of validated tools, observations, and interviews to understand the strengths of the current leadership practices and identify areas for growth.  Through an ongoing process of feedback and training, we seek to develop the capacity of organizations to create leadership throughout the organization. 

A common theme that emerges, specifically in the helping professions, is that the people promoted into leadership positions were promoted because of the skills, passion, and commitment they demonstrated in direct service, and that there is typically a need to augment that passion and commitment with formalized leadership training and supports. 

With many pioneers in health and human services nearing retirement age, there is a growing need for organizations to invest in the leadership potential of younger generations of professionals as a component of succession planning.  Non-profits are especially vulnerable to the departure of founding executive directors and key management staff.  RDA supports organizations to identify a core team within the organization to groom for the future.