RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We continuously collect and examine data to inform program design because we believe that it is necessary to keep services and supports relevant and effective.”

Nishi Moonka, M.Ed.
Managing Director


Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Developing the Capacity for Growth and Change

RDA has forged a deep understanding of the needs of human service organizations and the systems in which they operate. The principles that drive our capacity building work are independent of size and developmental stage; we believe that all organizations, regardless of their age or budget, have strengths, challenges, needs, and opportunities with respect to developing their capacity for growth and change.

All of RDA’s work is based on an appreciative approach that begins by identifying and acknowledging the strengths from which an organization can build and identifying capacity needs and opportunities for improvement.  We begin every capacity building engagement by establishing a baseline of information that describes assets and strengths, as well as opportunities and challenges. The questioning process serves to raise awareness among organizational stakeholders regarding the many different components of developing organizational capacity. 

RDA guides an assessment of organizational capacity in the areas of governance and strategy, program planning, organizational culture, performance measurement and analysis, human resources, and technological infrastructure. This assessment lays the foundation for planning and action to meet core capacity needs. It also sets a baseline for measuring the organization’s progress toward achieving capacity building objectives.