RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We continuously collect and examine data to inform program design because we believe that it is necessary to keep services and supports relevant and effective.”

Nishi Moonka, M.Ed.
Managing Director


Business & Strategic Planning

Creating Sustainable Futures

We believe that all organizations, and especially non-profits, must attend to the business of services in order to continue to do work towards their mission.  This requires that agencies continuously work towards sustainability and balance the shifts in funding and regulation with the vision and mission of their work. 

With almost every public sector system experiencing transformation and reform, government and non-profit agencies are continuously working to respond to increased demand, decreasing resources, and changing regulations.  RDA has a long and successful history of collaborating with government and non-profit agencies and brings the breadth of experience, range of content knowledge, and technical capacity necessary to secure new funding sources, improve efficiencies, and evaluate outcomes of the work being done.

Balancing the work of your mission and the business of services requires continuous effort focused on growth and quality improvement.  Let RDA help you design an approach that takes care of the business and allows you to continue to work towards your mission.