RDA - Resource Development Associates

“We continuously collect and examine data to inform program design because we believe that it is necessary to keep services and supports relevant and effective.”

Nishi Moonka, M.Ed.
Managing Director


Best Practices Implementation

Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

RDA has helped many organizations identify best practice models that align with existing programs and services. We acknowledge the inherent tension facing organizations regarding the use of evidence based practices. Funders and program developers emphasize, and routinely require, practice fidelity, yet practitioners often find that appropriate, culturally relevant, meaningful implementation of EBPs requires adaptation to their practice context. Practitioners understand that service models developed and tested in highly controlled settings are not always appropriate to a service context.

RDA emphasizes the need for data to inform a conversation about implementation and translate what works in a clinical/experimental setting into “what really works” in practice. Because measuring performance is critical to evaluating success and improving implementation, we assist organizations to integrate performance information into decision making.

Apart from the fundamental tension between researchers and practitioners, many non-profits have neither the organizational nor the financial capacity to transition fully and immediately to an evidence-based model. Instead, organizations can identify and prioritize changes in infrastructure, processes, and capacities that will facilitate the transition to a program model based in scientific evidence, and develop and implement a long-term strategic plan for change. Our team of consultants has decades of experience developing curriculum for organizational leaders in the development of theories of change, strategic planning and change management, stakeholder engagement, capacity building and evaluation.