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Leadership is a Privilege

By Patricia Marrone Bennett, PhD

If you are a leader, you know that leadership is a privilege. Leaders lead by virtue of the willingness of others to place their trust and faith in them. They are given the privilege to act as role models, to have others listen to their words, and to mentor new leaders. Every day and in many ways, leaders should express their gratitude and humility for being fortunate enough to lead.

Why is leadership a privilege?  Isn’t it a huge responsibility? Isn’t it work that sometimes goes unappreciated?  Does it sometimes feel frustrating when others misunderstand you and the vision you are trying to communicate?

Absolutely. But more often than not, leaders receive far more than they give.

Through their constant conversations with others, leaders receive input that enhances their own learning and growing.  By modeling the way and developing others, they themselves become more practiced and competent. By supporting and encouraging others, they build their own capacity to love and appreciate those around them. By inspiring confidence, they grow their own positive attitude.

So, if you are a leader, the next time you feel overwhelmed, overworked, or sorry for yourself, take a moment to stop, remember, and acknowledge your privilege. Be present with the many gifts that the role of leadership provides you, with and without you even having to ask.

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