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Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take the time to sit back and think about the things for which we are thankful.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work each day on projects that will have lasting impact on our public systems. We appreciate the government employees who are determined to serve their communities in the best ways possible. Across the domains in which we work—justice systems, behavioral health, adult education and workforce development, housing, early childhood and k-12 education, child welfare, and more—we have the privilege of supporting exciting and innovative efforts of all scopes and sizes.

We are also thankful for the community stakeholders who contribute to our work. Their open and honest feedback helps us understand the true impact of the programs and systems that we support. Through all the interviews, focus groups, and community forums, the passion and commitment of the local community highlights the importance of the work our clients do.

And we are thankful for our staff, who are dedicated to our mission of strengthening public and non-profit efforts to promote social and economic justice for vulnerable populations. Without their efforts, RDA wouldn’t be where it is today.

And, with that said, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your friends and family!

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