Resource Development Associates

Creating Opportunities for Collaboration and Teamwork

By Nishi Moonka

One thing that I appreciate the most about working at RDA is the way that our work lends itself to teamwork and collaboration. Many of our projects focus on improving complex systems, and such endeavors could seem overwhelming if you had to go it alone. We approach all our projects with a desire to form trusting relationships with our clients so that they know that they aren’t in this alone. Internally, our growing team has improved the knowledge base from which our staff can look for support.

A foundation of trust enables honest and direct conversations and the ability to engage in productive conflict. We have experienced the value of discussing the critical issues while by ensuring that all voices at the table are engaged. There can be some of the discomfort that comes with disagreement, but that should be expected as we work to solve complex issues. We understand that in order for our projects to achieve their stated objectives, we often have to work through these difficult conversations, leading with active listening, curiosity, and a commitment to results.

By embracing a collaborative approach, we look to elevate our clients’ best ideas while providing our own expertise and knowledge of best practices. This team-based approach has allowed us to help our clients continue to accomplish great things for the people they serve.

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