RDA - Resource Development Associates

“For those of us committed to working for social and economic justice, we must see ourselves as a community of continuous learners.”

Jennifer Lynn-Whaley, Ph.D.
Senior Program Associate


RDA’s Commitment

Mission Driven Consulting

RDA is a mission-driven consulting firm. Our commitment to social and economic justice permeates every aspect of our work. We believe that government, when partnered with community based organizations and consumers of service, can and does improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  Our goal is to work with our clients and their communities to help them articulate, design, fund, implement, and evaluate their own best ideas.

In each project, we collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, conduct a systems-level analysis, and anchor our approach in the latest research.  RDA strengthens effective, accountable, collaborative service delivery systems.  Whether through grant-writing, planning, evaluation, or organizational development, RDA seeks to bring stakeholders together to work towards realizing a shared vision of improvements in services and supports for the people they serve.