Resource Development Associates

Lily Bonadonna

Project Support Assistant

Lily is committed to working towards health equity among vulnerable populations and strives to address to psychosocial and economic determinants of health. She is particularly interested in novel initiatives that aim to support health in individuals living in resource constrained settings.

After she graduated with a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan, Lily received a scholarship to investigate the social determinants of tuberculosis (TB) prevalence in Lima, Peru. She interviewed persons affected by TB, their family members, and healthcare workers in attempts to understand reasons for delays in TB diagnosis. Following completion of this project, she joined another research team in Lima to develop and implement a socioeconomic intervention for TB control. Through her work, Lily has observed how politic economy influences health and access to resources. She speaks fluent Spanish and is passionate about supporting RDA’s clients.


  • B.S. in Anthropology – University of Michigan

Select Projects

  • AB 109 Evaluation (Sonoma County)
  • Child & Family Policy Institute of California Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking Evaluation
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission Clipper Organizational Development and Customer Service
  • San Francisco Department of Adult and Aging Services Dignity Fund Needs Assessment
  • Santa Clara County Social Services Agency Grant Writing