Resource Development Associates

Bob Bennett

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bob has been active in human services work for nearly 40 years. In 1984, he founded RDA as one of the nation’s first consulting firms devoted to promoting social justice through the use of data, planning, and resource development. Under Bob’s leadership, RDA was a major force in designing and planning Children’s Systems of Care throughout the west. He was co-author of the Washington State Mental Health Transformation Plan. Bob designed and obtained funding for the Oakland Homeless Families Program, which was one of five programs used as a model for HUD’s multi-billion-dollar Supportive Housing Program. In the 1990’s, Bob raised over $100 million for economic revitalization in Oakland. He was a leader in the development of Neighborhood Family Resource Centers and community-based approaches to infant mortality. He was co-author of Alameda County’s and San Francisco County’s first Juvenile Justice Local Action Plans, focusing resources on prevention and rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

For 12 years, from 2004-2015, Bob was President and CEO of Felton Institute. Under his leadership, the Institute grew to a $20 million organization with programs in five California counties. In 2014, he won an Award for Excellence from the National Behavioral Health Council recognizing his pioneering work in schizophrenia treatment. In 2007, he won an Appie award from for CIRCE, a cloud-based case management application for human services; in 2008, he won a Gap Funder’s Award for human service innovation, specifically for his work in schizophrenia treatment; and in 2012 he won a Force for Change Award from Salesforce for his work in promoting technology in human services.

Bob is now working on developing strategies to use machine learning and big data applications to impact poverty and systemic injustice.