Resource Development Associates

Our Commitment

Mission-driven consulting

As a mission-driven consulting firm, we believe that government and nonprofit organizations can best improve the lives of the individuals, families, and communities they serve when they act in partnership with them. We work with our clients and their stakeholders to articulate, design, fund, implement, and evaluate their best ideas.

The following values guide our work:

  • We are unwavering in our commitment to social justice. RDA’s mission is to strengthen government and nonprofit efforts to promote social and economic justice for vulnerable populations. We embrace this mission as a staff and as individuals, both through our work and in our lives. Our commitment to social justice transcends our titles and our job descriptions. It is part of our organizational DNA.
  • We believe that people and organizations can change. Even when people or organizations are committed to making change happen, sometimes they lose hope that they are capable of achieving the change they envision and desire. When we engage with our clients, we begin by identifying their strengths as foundational tools to break down barriers along their path. We stand in their shoes. We see the world through their eyes. We work with them to create a hopeful vision of the future for their organizations and the communities that they serve.
  • We strive for improvement by being curious, self-reflective, and practicing continuous learning. The world is always changing, and with it, the landscape of public systems and the people they serve. We adapt, improve, and evolve by continuously seeking to learn what we do not know. By staying on the cutting edge of new research and best practices, we help our clients achieve their objectives and maximize their ability to positively impact their communities.
  • We are thought partners with each other and with our clients. By embracing a collaborative approach, we break problems down into manageable blocks and elevate our clients’ best ideas, while providing our own expertise and knowledge to help leverage their strengths, challenge the status quo, and enable innovation. Often we have as much, and sometimes more, to learn from our clients. We affirm their strengths and sow the seeds of trust, because we accomplish more by working together than any of us could alone.
  • We exhibit bravery through our willingness to speak up and take risks even when conflict emerges. Nothing requires more risk taking than building relationships. It is within these relationships that we forge the capacity for people and organizations to make change. We have the courage to ask the hard questions, challenge assumptions, and deliver our findings even when met with resistance. We understand that for our projects to achieve their stated objectives, we often have to navigate difficult conversations with humility, leading with active listening, curiosity, and a commitment to results.
  • We demonstrate ownership thinking by reliably delivering quality results. At RDA, it is not enough to just try to do a good job. It is not enough to do what we can. Instead we strive, as an organization and as individuals, to excel at everything we do – from the first draft to the final report. Regardless of our role, we know that our part is an important piece of a whole, and that we are interdependent in our efforts to impact social justice.
  • We show up as leaders who generate energy, inspire others, and model the way. RDA’s culture of shared leadership challenges us all to serve as role models for one another, our clients, and our community. We practice self-reflection and direct feedback to hold ourselves and one another accountable to practice what we preach. We model the way for others, generating momentum that leads to positive change.
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