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Our Team

Resource Development Associates is a mission-driven consulting firm founded in 1984 on the belief that public health and human service systems have the potential to improve conditions in our communities.

Our Focus

RDA’s work touches on some of the most pivotal issues facing our society today. Our projects have made lasting impacts across many domains. Find out more about our areas of expertise.

Our Services

RDA is proud to partner with our clients to help them achieve their goals and better serve their communities. Together, we work to articulate, design, implement, and evaluate their best ideas, and to understand what works best and what could be improved.

Our Commitment

We work with government agencies, community-based nonprofits, and foundations to support innovative projects which seek to improve outcomes for individuals and families.

Our Blog

California’s Juvenile Justice System Realignment: Key Considerations for Implementation

The 2020-2021 California State Budget will realign the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), transitioning responsibility to local jurisdictions for youth sentenced to DJJ facilities. While details of the realignment are still to be determined, this change represents a major shift in California’s juvenile justice system. Continue Reading

Message from our CEO: This is an Opportunity to Connect the Dots

Police departments are not the only problematic aspect of our public safety system that must be reformed; racism and discrimination permeate our entire correctional system. Continue Reading

Disaster-Driven Innovation

The sheer scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is upending our systems and assumptions. This disruption is forcing change, and in some cases, the opportunity to rapidly implement ideas that have been on our minds for many years. Continue Reading

Are the Right People at the Table?

“Systems change” is an intentional process of transformation designed to address historic and complex root causes of social problems. Systems change aims to fundamentally alter the reasons a system behaves in certain ways. For true system transformation to occur, those involved in the system must feel that their experiences and perspectives are listened to, valued, and utilized to promote change. Continue Reading

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